All-New smart fortwo Electric Drive

The all-new, fully-redesigned smart fortwo electric drive has arrived at smart center West Covina. 

Featuring a stronger tridion safety cell, more safety features, larger interior dimensions, improved suspension damping, standard Bluetooth phone and audio streaming, the world's tightest turning radius at only 11.4 feet, and numerous other enhancements, the all-new smart fortwo electric drive was designed to be the perfect commuter car for city dwellers.

Featuring a 17.6 kWh HV Lithium-ion battery, it has an EPA-estimated 58 mile overall range.  Because the all-new smart electric drive is equipped with a more powerful onboard charger, it is now capable of roughly 2.5 hour charge times between 0 and 80% state of charge at 240V.  This is greater than double the charging speed of its predecessor.

Electric drive technology brings numerous improvements over gasoline engine powered vehicles.  Most notably, the smart fortwo electric drive provides brisk, quiet and smooth INSTANT TORQUE during acceleration.  This is awesome for city traffic and driving situations because acceleration from a standstill is generally much quicker than gasoline powered vehicles.  While gasoline vehicles typically measure speed in 0-to-60 sprints, what's more usable during most city commutes is a 0-to-35 sprint, moving from standstill to the other side of the intersection as you change lanes ahead of competing traffic with ease.

When this instant torque combines with the highly maneuverable and purposely engineered short length of the smart fortwo, offset wheel position with wider rear stance for stability, rear-motor placement, rear-wheel drive, and compact weight distribution, what you get from the smart fortwo electric drive is a daily commuter that effortlessly tackles quick in-traffic maneuvers, and highly responsive machine ready for split-second decision making.

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2017 smart fortwo Electric Drive Inventory, Coming Soon.
The 2017 smart fortwo electric drive is a purpose-built commuter car.  Considering that 66% of American drivers are alone during their daily commutes**, with an average daily drive of 30 miles or less**, the 58 mile range of the 2017 smart fortwo electric drive will get the job done on a daily basis. 

And it will do it while offering an uncanny ability to find more parking spaces than any other car; an unmatched ability to slip in and out of traffic jams with easier lane changes; out-accelerate most gas vehicles due to the power of instant torque; convenience of the standard Bluetooth for phone calls and audio streaming; phone cradle option that integrates most any smartphone as the primary source of entertainment and telematics; and the world's best turning radius so your daily commute is less of a hassle. 

**According to the American Automobile Association's (AAA) "American Driving Survey, 2014-2015." 

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