Charging Your 2018 smart fortwo

Charging the 2018 smart fortwo

The 2018 smart fortwo electric drive comes standard with an included 110V charger, commonly referred to as "Level 1" charging. This is for easy compatibility at your home or elsewhere, because America's infrastructure most commonly supports this charging standard. In general, if you can power a microwave or washing machine with the power outlet you plan to use, you can also charge your electric vehicle. The smart fortwo electric drive will usually require 12 to 16 hours of charging time from a relatively low or nearly discharged battery state of charge.

If you are looking for faster charging capability, you will need to access more electrical power. With access to 220 or 240V of "Level 2" power, the smart fortwo electric drive is capable of charging speeds up to 7.2kW.  At that charging speed, the 2018 smart fortwo electric drive will generally require 2 to 3 hours of charging time if the battery is at a relatively low or nearly discharged battery state of charge.

I recommend downloading Blink[1] and Chargepoint[2] applications for your smartphone.  These charging networks provide widely available Level 2 charging at an affordably low per hour fee that will vary depending on the charger location.  Joining these networks will get you out of a jam if you travel a bit too far for your range requirements of the day.  If you don't have a smartphone, you may still join the networks by visiting their websites and setting up your account. 

It is also possible to have Level 2 charging at home.  There is a wide range of charging speeds available via Level 2 charging.  For the fastest charging performance, look for a charger that can support charging speeds of 7.2 kW or higher, although it is not absolutely necessary.  You can certainly opt for less powerful Level 2 chargers, as they offer considerably faster charging times than Level 1. You will also need to consider the existing infrastructure of your property, your driving requirements, and the cost the charger you are considering in order to determine "the best charger" for your needs.

"The best charger" for one driver is not necessarily the best charger for another.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call our Brand Manager at (626) 430-3730.

-Kamaal Peterson