smart EQ fortwo as a Daily Driver...

The 2018 smart fortwo electric drive is a commuter car expertly designed to combat heavy traffic situations. The smart fortwo quickly slips through heavy rush-hour traffic on freeways, heavily congested urban streets, and crowded shopping mall or retail parking lots. 

Considering that 66% of American drivers are alone during their 30-mile or less daily commutes*, the 2018 smart fortwo electric drive is an excellent choice for daily commuters seeking to combat the urban traffic gridlock experienced in Southern California. 

The smart fortwo electric drive has an uncanny ability to find more parking spaces than any other car, thanks to its short 8.8 ft length.  The smart fortwo easily has America's tightest turning radius at only 11.4 feet, and an unmatched ability to slip in and out of traffic jams with the easiest lane changes. It also out-accelerates most gas vehicles due to the power of instant torque. 

Designed to maximize mobility, the smart fortwo electric drive offers a unique driving experience that incorporates agility and efficient design technology to provide unmatched errand-running convenience.  The smart fortwo electric drive offers low lease pricing, and a great overall purchase value due to entry-level electric vehicle pricing, and heavy federal, state, and local government incentives for most American purchasers. 

*According to the American Automobile Association's (AAA) "American Driving Survey, 2014-2015."